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  • What treatmeants does TK recommend?
    At The Tk Lofts the main tfreatments used daily are Hydration, Amino Acids and Protein. The 3 treatments pretty much tackle the common issues or deficiencies in hair.
  • Are treatments offered to every client?
    Certainly! You have no choice but to have healthy hair when you book with TK. The treatments for your hair to thrive after your salon visit is included in the price.
  • How long does a Silkpress last?
    This answer varies depending on the health of the clients hair. Yet when a Silkpress is done on healthy hair it can last up to 2.5 to 3 weeks with proper at home care.
  • What is a Silkpress?
    A Silkpress is a press/straightening done on wavy/curly hair usually with a flat iron. Infusing a silicone based serum into the hair strands. This silicone based product gives heat protection, aids in humidity blocking and adds moisture to the hair. There's different types of silicone. A water soluable silicone like Dimethicone is the one I prefer. It can come in a spray or serum form with other added ingredients.
  • As a new client do I have to get a cut after my hair is pressed?
    Most likely. To achieve the looks displayed on TK's social media platforms she does a precision cut to ensure movement, shape and damage removal. Yet during the service TK will communicate and show any damage that has to be removed. She'll also make you aware of any suggestions and style options to make you comfortable and happy with your new look.
  • Will I lose my curl pattern if I get a Silkpress?
    Applying heat to natural hair can weaken the curl pattern. Yet this is most often the result of flat ironing dirty hair with high heat. Or using a high levels of abrasive heat. Ex: titanium over 450 on fine hair.
  • Is TK a licensed professional?
    Of course. Licensed since 2013
  • Where is TK located?
    The TK Lofts- 7370 Hodgson Memorial Dr. STE C3 Savannah, GA 31406
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