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When you master self you can master anything! But we’ll start with The Hair Industry! This FREE ebook was thoughtfully written by TK herself just for someone like you that’s looking to elevate in entrepreneurship!

“How you gon win when you ain’t right within?!”

- Lauryn Hill

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31st Jan 2024

Publication Date

About The Author


I’m TK, Owner/CEO of The TK Lofts Salon and TK Heat. From designing flat irons to curating hair products and flawless styles for Women of Color, I’m all about celebrating the beauty of our hair!


My journey with hair began at the ripe age of 15, where I found joy in styling my family members hair. Born on August 24th, 1992, I’ve lived through experiences that have shaped me into who I am today – a seasoned hairstylist with stories to share.


Through the ups and downs of the hair industry, I’ve learned invaluable lessons that have fueled my success. Now, my mission is clear: to guide beginner hairstylists through the twists and turns of LIFE, the BEAUTY INDUSTRY, and the depths of their own MIND.


So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of discovery and growth, let’s flip the page together. Get ready to soak in the wisdom, embrace the challenges, and savor every moment of this ride. Welcome aboard!

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