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Introducing the baby of the bunch! this 3/10 iron is perfect for curling baby hairs and curling short pixie cuts! Check the features below!


🔥Made of Crushed Diamond Black Tourmaline Plates

🔥Goes from 210 to 450 degrees!

🔥 Has a C shape for less wrist work when styling. Perfect for someone inexperienced in styling their hair and makes the job easier for an experienced stylist!

🔥Adds Shine and moisturizes the hair as you curl.

🔥 Designed by a Licensed Master Cosmetologist, TK!


For External Use Only

All Sales Are Final

60 Day Replacement Warranty

(For Manufacturers Issues)

The TKWay 3/10 (C-Iron/Pincurling Iron)

SKU: 21554345656
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